MARCH 2021

ASB ESG Newsletter

“During these difficult times, ASB Real Estate Investments’ commitment to ESG considerations is stronger than ever. We earnestly believe in the benefits of socially responsible investing and we seek to consistently demonstrate through our actions our commitment to enhancing the health, well-being, and social engagement of our tenants in their built environment…”  — Robert Bellinger, CFA President and CEO

The real estate industry continues to become smarter about ESG risks and opportunities and more adept at anticipating environmental and social consequences. ASB has always been a recognized leader in maintaining practices emphasizing fairness and equity in the social impacts of our investment activity. Our more recent initiatives have focused on environmental and sustainability issues, seeking to reduce or offset carbon emissions, gain energy use efficiencies, and improve waste diversion. Particular emphasis has been placed on data collection, measurement, verification and reporting to help set essential ESG benchmarks and standards leading to steady, incremental, and meaningful change towards our contribution to a cleaner built environment. In particular during 2020, the company made significant progress in prioritizing green certifications across office and multifamily portfolios, as well as further embedding ESG analysis into ongoing investment decision-making.