SEPTEMBER 17, 2020

Larry Braithwaite Headlines NCREIF Performance Attribution Webinar

ASB Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager Larry Braithwaite yesterday joined NCREIF’s Director of Performance Measurement Joe D’Alessandro for an in-depth discussion and analysis of the Second Quarter 2020 NFI-ODCE Performance Attribution Report, including return drivers, pandemic implications, and the state of the market.
In a webinar attended by hundreds of real estate industry analysts and investors, Braithwaite and D’Alessandro covered:

  • Short and long-term performance trends – major indices
  • NFI-ODCE Index component returns
  • Long-term appreciation performance by sector
  • Collections and occupancy by sector
  • Appreciation attribution by sector
  • Contribution to returns by sector
  • Return Segmentation

The discussion emphasized the benefits of long-term investing in core real estate as an asset diversifier in the face of challenging short-term performance hurdles exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.