Environmental Sustainability

ASB Real Estate Investments seeks ways to ensure environmental sustainability is built into the investment process. Not only is environmental stewardship important from a moral perspective, we believe it can positively impact long-term performance for our investors.

We seek ways reduce or offset carbon emissions, gain energy use efficiencies, improve waste diversion, and prioritize green building certifications. In addition, we place emphasis on data collection, measurement, which can help improve our contribution to a cleaner built environment.


Aim for the reduction targets aligned with the Paris Accord¹

Use environmental data management systems to track utility consumption and to identify efficiency opportunities at select properties

Identify, analyze, implement, and track efficiency projects and sustainability initiatives at certain of our properties

Implement energy procurement strategies in select markets to optimize costs

Evaluate renewable energy including on-site solar, green power purchasing, and Renewal Energy Credits (RECs) at certain properties

Seek green building certifications and pursue ENERGY STAR certification at certain properties, as appropriate

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Building Certifications2

We believe green building certifications are a reliable way to measure the success of our sustainability initiatives at the property level. These third-party certifications measure our results against established benchmarks and recognize the sustainability efforts and achievements of our owners, property managers, and building tenants. 

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Areas of Focus

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represents greenhouse gases

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

represents renewable energy

Renewable Energy

represents water


represents waste


represents transportation

Alternative Transportation

represents air

Indoor Air Quality

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Sustainable Materials

1. Greenhouse gas (“GHG”) reduction target goals are aligned with the Paris Accord goal of limiting global warming to two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. These targets are based on landlord-controlled (Scope 1 and Scope 2) utilities across the ASB Allegiance Real Estate Fund portfolio and relate to goals for our core investment strategy at the time of publication. Environmental targets are in inherently uncertain, forward-looking statements and subject to change. There can be no assurance these targets will ultimately be achieved.

2. ASB paid a fee to LEED, BOMA 360, Fitwel, Fitwel VRM, IREM and WELL. There was no promise or guarantees, either direct or indirect, in connection with the fee and the certifications. The above certifications and recognitions are currently in place.